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Shipments that are heavy lift, over-dimensional or that are out of gauge cargo and thus require multi-modal operating skills, specialised equipment and methods of transportation by sea, air, barge, rail or land Project cargo (hereunder) and a time-specific contract.

Turnkey operations with a combination of multiple origins and suppliers with an overall supply chain door-to-door responsibilities geographical markets with poor infrastructure particular in-country knowledge.
Project forwarding is time-sensitive and the delay of a machine part can cost millions in terms of money, time and labour. That is why we partner with you to develop and manage customised, cost-effective solutions across the entire life-cycle of your supply chain, using highly qualified teams with the technical expertise, local knowledge and drive needed to get things done.

The right decisions before the move
An early partnership ensures commercial and technical efficiency, this way FCL shipping teams help you conduct routing surveys and investigate local conditions right from the start. We clearly define operational planning and provide early-stage logistical costs calculations – this is the best way to improve your competitive edge.

Specialising in remote locations
Mountains, swamps, deserts, forests, ice and oceans – we deal with these issues every day, sometimes under the most incredible of circumstances. Physical surveys, out of gauge heavy lift-handling and jacking, and gantry system operation must go on, even in the toughest of environments.

Expertise in customs, tariffs and local regulations

We provide optimal air, sea and land routes. Our inventory management capabilities are tuned to each project and our logistics personnel are highly motivated to succeed. Our teams are also highly skilled in navigating local and international customs tariffs and regulations. Whatever the potential issue is – right down to region-specific minutiae – we are there for you with solid, experience-based solutions to ensure that your project moves ahead as planned.

Around-the-clock transparency
Our state-of-the-art solutions and dedicated software systems keep your project on time and on track, 24/7. You will always have an overview of your project via e-Services such as Freight Monitor, which provides real-time online tracking of all sea or air shipments or individual products. You can even upload documents of your own and e-mail status updates to others, including digital pictures of the movement of your cargo.

Worry-free financial risk management

The FCL Group’s proven financial performance means that when bank bonds, insurance, and other financial requirements are needed, the acquisition process is fast, efficient and painless. We are well acquainted with the financial procedures that accompany every project, and we are also able to react swiftly to specific international and local requirements. This is a smart, flexible approach to eliminate financial risk management issues before they arise.

A commitment to social responsibility
The world is a kaleidoscope of global and country-specific regulations and values. We feel that the best way to move forward is from a ground position of solid integrity. Each project is run with a safety-first approach, and with a focus on human rights and labour standards. We also take a firm stance against corruption, in all its forms, everywhere. After all, we are proud to work with our clients. We hope that our commitment to ethical, social and environmental responsibility makes you proud to work with us.

Customer focus on a human scale
FCL shipping is far from a faceless bureaucracy. When we are not actively reaching out to you, you will always know where to turn for the latest information, and even our top-level executives have the hands-on project experience needed to arrive at a solution quickly. The option of bringing dedicated FCL shipping personnel to your company also provides a friendly, in-house face to turn to for information about your current project details.

Peace of mind solutions
You are looking for a freight management company with a proven track record and the drive to achieve a competitive edge for your business. Our centralised Purchasing Order Management System provides the best competitive administrative advantages for your project, end to end. Our flexible, customer-cantered approach creates a perfect mesh between your requirements and our capabilities – you will not pay for things that you do not need. This is a peace-of-mind solution created especially for you as we move your project and your company forward

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