FCL shipping will always rise to a challenge, and there are plenty of challenges to be found in the sphere of project logistics.


We specialise in the sort of complex global forwarding projects characteristic of the industrial sector. Capabilities range from full logistics coordination for large, bulky equipment to transporting major power generators, turbines, and even shifting entire manufacturing plants across the globe.


By employing local experts, our project teams can conduct operations anywhere in the world, including to and from remote locations that lack the most rudimentary infrastructure. These challenges can be so specialised that FCL shipping has a dedicated division in place to plan and implement all such project logistics requirements.


As a medium-sized company we have the flexibility and personal approach sometimes lacking in our larger competitors. Our size does not, however, limit our ability to handle major contracts. As a forwarder, we are not tied to in-house services but can shop around the market to provide the most suitable service at an appropriate price.


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