Shipping Knowledge

Short Form Shipping Terms
Shipping Knowledge

A/W = All Water
ANER = Asia North America Eastbound Rate
AWB = Air Waybill
B/L = Bill of Lading
B/R = Buying Rate
BAF = Bunker Adjustment Factor
C&F = Cost and Freight
CBM = Cubic Meter
C.C = Collect
C.S.C = Container Service Charge
C.Y. = Container Yard
C/(CNEE) = Consignee
C/O = Certificate of Origin
CAF = Currency Adjustment Factor
CFS = Container Freight Station
CHB = Customs House Broker
CIF = Cost, Insurance and Freight
CIP = Carriage and Insurance Paid To
COMM = Commodity
CPT = Carriage Paid To
CTNR = Container
D/A = Document Against Acceptance
D/O = Delivery Order
D/P = Document Against Payment
DAF = Delivered At Frontier
DDC = Destination Delivery Charge
DDP = Delivered Duty Paid
DDU = Delivered Duty Unpaid
DEQ = Delivered Ex Quay
DES = Delivered Ex Ship
Doc# = Document Number
EPS = Equipment Position Surcharges
Ex = Work/ExFactory
F/F = Freight Forwarder
FAF = Fuel Adjustment Factor
FAK = Freight All Kind
FAS = Free Alongside Ship
FCA = Free Carrier
FCL = Full Container Load
FEU 40‘ = Forty-Foot Equivalent Unit 40’
FMC = Federal Maritime Commission
FOB = Free On Board
GRI = General RateIncrease
H/C = Handling Charge
HBL = House B/L
I/S = Inside Sales
IA = Independent Action
L/C = Letter of Credit  
LCL = Less Than Container Load
M/T 尺 = Measurement Ton
MB/L = Master Bill Of Loading
MLB = Minni Land Bridge
MTD = Multimodal Transport Document
N/F = Notify
NVOCC = Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier
O/F = Ocean Freight
OBL = Ocean (or original )B/L
OCP = Overland Continental Point
OP = Operation
ORC = Origen Recevie Charges (Guangdong, China)
P.P = Prepaid
PCS = Port Congestion Surcharge
POD = Port Of Destination
POL = Port Of Loading
PSS = Peak Season Sucharges
S/(Shpr) = Shipper
S/C = Sales Contract
S/O = Shipping Order
S/R = Selling Rate
SC = Service Contract
SSL = Steam Ship Line
T.O.C = Terminal Operations Option
T.R.C = Terminal Receiving Charge
T/S = Trans-Ship
T/T = Transit Time
TEU 20‘ = Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit 20’
THC = Terminal Handling Charges (Hongkong)
TTL = Total
TVC/ TVR = Time Volume Contract/ Rate
VOCC = Vessel Operating Common Carrier
W/M = Weight or Measurement ton
W/T = Weight Ton
YAS = Yard Surcharges

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